Skype x Spinnin' Records

We've partnered with one of the world's biggest dance labels, Spinnin' Records, to create a custom-made bot that gives all you aspiring music producers the opportunity to learn from the best and expand your musical horizons.

Skype has partnered with Spinnin’ Records to bring you personal lessons from 3 huge DJs. Simply drop a "Hi" in the text box below to get it started!

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Spinnin' Records bot

From musical inspiration, to production hints and tips, our specially developed Spinnin’ bot is where you’ll find all you need to help refine your skills and make the most of your talent – all thanks to exclusive content from DJ heavyweights Jay Hardway, Mike Williams and Zonderling.

Mike, Jay and Zonderling will also be sharing their own personalized, behind-the-scenes content, plus a video detailing the best talent they found through the Spinnin’ Records & Skype remix contest, setting you up to put your skills center-stage in any and all future remixes you drop in the Talent Pool.

So what are you waiting for? Click or tap here for instructions on how to add the Spinnin’ Records bot to your own Skype contacts.

About Spinnin' Records

Welcome to a musical collab like no other. Spinnin’ Records, THE place to go to make it big in EDM, and Skype partnered to create a bot that helps you achieve your music goals—however underground or mainstage they might be. Gain tips, tricks and production advice from Jay Hardway, Mike Williams and Zonderling as you learn to navigate the biz and networking side of the EDM scene. Then drop your best song yet.