Skype x Jesse Fangs

We’ve teamed up with Jesse Fangs, YouTuber and gamer at heart, to bring you a special trivia challenge bot inspired by gaming. By playing, you’ll learn a thing or two (or ten) and get the chance to earn some trivia bragging rights along the way.

Your gaming trivia challenge starts right here. Drop a “Hi” to spawn and conquer.

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The gaming trivia challenge bot: show what you know

This bot is for the gamers—and gaming is for everyone. Designed with Jesse’s help, it’ll take you through gaming history, from the golden age of the arcade all the way up to the golden age of today.

Take on three video and fun fact-filled interactive challenges from iconic eras, 80s: the foundation, 90s: the revolution, 2000s and beyond: the final level. For each era you finish, you’ll test what you know, surprise yourself with what you don’t, and discover if you’re one of the few who have what it takes to score 100%.

Click or tap here to add the bot to your Skype contacts for your anytime, anywhere gaming trivia challenge. But most of all... good luck, player.


Meet the Queen of FIFA

If you don’t like losing at FIFA, you better hope you don’t match up against Jesse Fangs. She’s a gamer that’s made a name for herself amassing huge followings on YouTube, a vibrant community on Twitch, and millions of fans around the world. Following your gaming dreams? Worth it.